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I am Ben, a white male aged 25, straight/single and from Cardiff in Wales. I am Welsh, though am also a tiny, tiny bit Italian. Some of these things may change though.

I'm a bit of a moron, and I like grunge, Soundgarden, Nirvana, The Gaslight Anthem, Marvin Gaye, Childish Gambino, The Simpsons, Seinfeld and wrestling.

My ask box is always open, and anon is on. I don't do "follow backs" though, sorry.

If you want to know more, just click the about me, my face or my links pages at the top. I also have a 2012 photo blog and a graphic design portfolio blog and I would appreciate it if you'd follow them too.
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So Ashleigh Brewer - aka Kate Ramsay from Neighbours - Tweeted me. And not for the first time.

We’re practically best buds.

And she’s so cute.

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Everyone’s first Tweet:

"omggg I don’t understand Twitter at alllll"

— 2 years ago
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This is by far the most bizarre tweet I’ve ever seen.
"Yo my nizzle, can I get a bag of chizzle with extra salt and vizzle?"

This is by far the most bizarre tweet I’ve ever seen.

"Yo my nizzle, can I get a bag of chizzle with extra salt and vizzle?"

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Last week or so I started following Charlie Sheen on Twitter. If I’m honest I have no idea why, I haven’t paid attention to a single tweet he’s made.


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You know how I said last week before going out, the one guy who has sort of gone AWOL apart from random Tweets here and there? And that he said he’ll probably come out as he already had invitation to go out? But then on the day he bitched out, but said “if you’re doing something next week”?

Well, I couldn’t fucked texting him, so I sent him a Tweet earlier today.

  • ME: friday/saturday?
    (I mean surely this would sort of suffice as a general enquiry?)
  • HIM: what about them?
    (oh for fucks sake)
  • ME: out?
    (again, surely would suffice as a general enquiry to a stupid question?)
  • HIM: What you got planned?

Just… arrgghhhh. I thought we’d go horse-back riding. On a bouncy castle. In ball-gowns. On the fucking moon.

The last one was sent a second before I started this post, so he’s clearly on his computer now. But fuck it. I’ll stick to tweeting. I can’t be fucked.

— 3 years ago
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