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I am Ben, a white male aged 25, straight/single and from Cardiff in Wales. I am Welsh, though am also a tiny, tiny bit Italian. Some of these things may change though.

I'm a bit of a moron, and I like grunge, Soundgarden, Nirvana, The Gaslight Anthem, Marvin Gaye, Childish Gambino, The Simpsons, Seinfeld and wrestling.

My ask box is always open, and anon is on. I don't do "follow backs" though, sorry.

If you want to know more, just click the about me, my face or my links pages at the top. I also have a 2012 photo blog and a graphic design portfolio blog and I would appreciate it if you'd follow them too.
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Am I cool now? #me #moi #cardiff #summer #suit #shirt #hashtagcliche

Am I cool now? #me #moi #cardiff #summer #suit #shirt #hashtagcliche

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August should be a good month for music. I pre-ordered Royal Blood’s debut album a couple weeks ago, and I just pre-ordered The Gaslight Anthem’s new album Get Hurt (even if the album art sucks).

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Today’s been pretty good

First, I had to attend an informal interview in regards to my results from my assessment with the Cardiff council employment agency last week. I wore a white shirt, sleeves rolled and no tie, trousers and shoes despite the heat, and the lady said that she liked how I was dressed. She said my assessment was excellent

  • I had 33/35 in the Word part -the two points I dropped “didn’t even warrant going over”
  • 27/34 in the finance test - I made one common error, and with another part, I got the initial part wrong with followed on to making the other parts wrong, so in essence I only made one mistake, but lost 6 points; I needed to show the weekly rate of an amount given as a monthly figure. I divided by 4, but the correct way would be to multiply by 12, then divide by 52.
  • 4/5 in the taking a call and leaving a message - apparently I didn’t replay the message back to her, even though I did, but I was told not to worry.

I was told that basically I done very well and essentially, when something comes up and I’ve been put forward to an interview, they’d be in touch, and it could be “this week, next week or maybe the week after” - essentially what I took from it is sooner than later. It’s temp work, but it’s a foot in the door with the council, because a lot of permanent jobs can only be applied for if you are already working for the council.

Then I went to McDonalds, then Primark and bought new pants - with patterns on them! Then I came home and relaxed out the back, this evening went to Tesco with my parents (I drove) to return mum’s broken Hudl, and just spent an hour out the back chatting to my mum in the nice cool air.

Only bad thing was having to attend the job centre after the interview - I was sat waiting in the job centre longer than I was in my interview - but hey, whatever.

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"Get Hurt", The Gaslight Anthem

I came to get hurt,
Might as well do your worst to me

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lol lost 2 followers from that picture? Guessing you guys have a problem with my Android phone…¬†

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I did sunbathing today and now my chest and shoulders are all red, but oddly my neck isn’t? Okay then.

I did sunbathing today and now my chest and shoulders are all red, but oddly my neck isn’t? Okay then.

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Smoove and summery.

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Omgsoveryhot #summer #cardiff #sunglasses #hashtagcliche

Omgsoveryhot #summer #cardiff #sunglasses #hashtagcliche

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#cardiff  #summer  #sunglasses  #hashtagcliche 

Accidentally been sitting in my pants since getting up and hoovering. Better put some clothes on as a) it’s nearly midday and b) I will cook bacon.

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I’m not entirely sure why my current recommended blogs are “girls-in-dresses”, “dresstighttobody” and “sexy-tight-little-dresses”, but I’m not gonna complain.

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I received a letter on the weekend in regards to arranging an informal interview for an assessment I attended last week, and I phoned them just now to set it up. As it clashed with my job centre sign on, I had to contact the job centre to let them know I won’t be attending - which was an arduous experience.

This means I’ve done all that I need to do for the day before 11am. Guess I’ll go on the Playstation…

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Dear ladies of Tumblr who are somewhat comfortable in saying that they know me: I need to ask a favour of thee!

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Photos taken on GTA V during gameplay by myself. Honestly, I sometimes forget that GTA V is actually a game.

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