I know that I should be grateful for the job I have, but fuck I’m really pissed off I didn’t get the one I interviewed for.

Plus, my dad ate MY tea meaning I got a stale jacket potato, which I don’t like anyway.

Suffice to say, today’s fucking shit, and I’m not doing your Ice Bucket Challenge.

Yesterday was weird.

I went on a second non-date date with the lady who I met on Tinder a couple weeks ago. It was essentially a lunch break meal as she’s super busy with studying, which is a shame but understandable, and yet still pretty good. Gourmet Burger Kitchen was ace though; 2 burgers for £10!!!

After lunch, I did some shopping and bought a new work shirt and brown laces to replace the white laces of my new brown work shoes.

In the evening, for tea I had chip shop chips & sausage in batter, and then went out with my mate, just the two of us to Clwb. Whilst there, I saw 4 different people I knew, including a guy from my new work, who happened to be sat next to the dude I was doing training with on Friday. I also saw a lady who I got the number of way back on NYE, and sort of asked out, but nothing came of it because I had other things to worry about like being told I would be losing my job. It was ace seeing her though.