Basically all day in work I was mega anxious to get home and get designing because I’ve had an idea rattling around my head. Plus, I’ve started playing around with Inkscape (a free equivalent to Adobe Illustrator, which is like Photoshop but more suited for drawing line art), which is exactly the type of thing that is needed for a few ideas I have.

inkscape desiging photoshop illustrator adobe creative graphic design

The saddest thing about the fact that I’ve been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge bullshit, is the fact that I don’t have anyone to film it.

Laaaaaaaaaadddddddd culture is the worst. Who the fuck would buy a T-shirt saying “two’s company, three’s a fantasy” or “I like girls who like girls”.

Sadly I know there are a lot of people who will.

Happily changing my bedsheets when a giant, probably 8ft spider crawls out of the clean duvet cover. Worst part is I’ve now lost the behemoth somewhere in the sheets. Fuck this shit, it’s his room now, I’m going to sleep in the attic for the rest of my life.

Who the fuck would buy a Tumblr tote bag? Seriously?

It’s like advertising “hey guys look at me, I’m an asshole!”

I know that I should be grateful for the job I have, but fuck I’m really pissed off I didn’t get the one I interviewed for.

Plus, my dad ate MY tea meaning I got a stale jacket potato, which I don’t like anyway.

Suffice to say, today’s fucking shit, and I’m not doing your Ice Bucket Challenge.

Yesterday was weird.

I went on a second non-date date with the lady who I met on Tinder a couple weeks ago. It was essentially a lunch break meal as she’s super busy with studying, which is a shame but understandable, and yet still pretty good. Gourmet Burger Kitchen was ace though; 2 burgers for £10!!!

After lunch, I did some shopping and bought a new work shirt and brown laces to replace the white laces of my new brown work shoes.

In the evening, for tea I had chip shop chips & sausage in batter, and then went out with my mate, just the two of us to Clwb. Whilst there, I saw 4 different people I knew, including a guy from my new work, who happened to be sat next to the dude I was doing training with on Friday. I also saw a lady who I got the number of way back on NYE, and sort of asked out, but nothing came of it because I had other things to worry about like being told I would be losing my job. It was ace seeing her though.